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A great treat for all the nature lovers out there! Our collection of botanic stencils is just what you imagine it is. We have compiled a range of floral themes (although there's also a great representation of other plants), which will look great in almost any arrangement. Whether it's just a tiny touch or an entire composition made of several different templates - we strongly recommend including a bit of green in rooms you spend the most time in. It's simply good for your health!

Floral stencils for painting are available in our online store

What exactly should you expect when it comes to our floral stencil collection? The botanic themes include tropical leaves, timeless rose motifs, and even some slightly more exotic options, like bamboo trees, hibiscus, or Japanese cherry blossom. We also offer several full patterns, such as our signature swirly lace with a flowery twist (available in several versions). So start looking and discover this carefully selected range of intricate designs and see for yourself!

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