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These lace stencils have classic geometric patterns that we're all familiar with - now in a slightly different modern form and traditional way! Lace stencils scream class and timeless elegance. These are bound to take your fancy if you're looking for intricate designs that combine floral themes with beautiful aesthetics. The best part is that they work perfectly well in traditional and modern home décor. Choose the colour scheme you prefer and apply it to your project. Your decor will look great in formal, modern or in minimalistic environments.

Lace stencils and decorative templates for painting

This section offers some full patterns - Damask, Victorian, and other elegant motifs for wall-covering. We've also prepared various miniature decorations, like rose corners, scroll borders, and swirly ornaments - available in many sizes. Remember that our lace stencils are reusable, which means you can easily paint a wall with just one and repeat as required. Or get a whole set of different sizes and let your creativity flow!

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