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Explore our vast collection of Moroccan painting stencils and bring some oriental flavour to your house décor! In this online store section, we present you with our interpretation of decorative templates inspired by the African country's rich artistic and architectonic legacy. If you are looking for an intricate geometric pattern in which no line is left to chance, this category will be right up your alley. Feel free to get acquainted with what's on offer and decide which will go in your home to enhance your design and features.

Moroccan patterns - decorative stencils

These give you the ability to produce consistent and repetitive - but by no means dull or tedious - patterns; being a direct replacement for wallpaper, these Moroccan stencils take the biscuit. From softly rounded, flower-like shapes to a tangle of interweaving lines that seem to flow endlessly in a strictly organised formation - there is undoubtedly a lot to choose from. For a small area paint job to an entire wall, check the Arabic Mandala; these will be great on fabric, furnishings or furniture (a round table, for instance).

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